vComp Pty Ltd specialises in software development, consulting and training for Tcl scripting under the Surpac environment.

vComp personnel have over 15 years’ experience in the development and commercialisation of mining software. Its principle consultant had over 12 years’ experience as a software developer of Surpac and was intimately involved in the design and implementation of Tcl into the system. Other experience includes the development of commercial third party extensions for Surpac using the Tcl / Scl macro language.

David van de Ven

Managing Director
David van de Ven
BSc. (Computer Science)
Diploma in Computer Programming

David is the founding Director of vComp Pty Ltd. He has a gained a wealth of experience as software developer especially in the mining industry. David’s skills among those of a competent computer scientist include the ability to both commercialise software products and discover new opportunities for developed solutions.

David began his career in 1988 with Surpac Mining Systems Pty Ltd, later known as the Surpac Minex Group (SMG), then Gemcom, and now Dessault Systems Geovia. He gained valuable skills in systems and applications development, computer system/network administration, and administration and implementation of a variety of systems including licensing and distribution. After a twelve year career with SMG David left his role as Senior Systems Engineer in August 2000 to further his business knowledge and experience.

vComp Pty Ltd began trading on January 2nd 2003 with David’s mandate to turn the company into a respected and successful provider of software solutions and services to the mining industry. He endeavours to achieve this with a professional and personal approach to his clients and by providing the best possible solutions and services available