Surpac Extension Products

vComp is the author and co-author / distributer of a number of extension products that work within the Surpac environment. These products aim to improve user efficiency by providing a process for many manual tasks undertaken by mining professionals in the software. The products also enhance and provide new tools to be used within the Surpac framework.

vComp also provides services to assist part time macro developers to bring their ideas to the market.

vComp makes these products available through its Mine Solutions initiative. Please visit Mine Solutions web site for further information on specific products

Consulting Services

vComp has a wealth of experience in developing custom macro solutions to solve specific mine site requirements. These developments can range from minor tools that are created in hours to large and complex solutions that may take several weeks for completion.

vComp work directly with the project stakeholder(s) to create a solution that solves their requirements. As part of the process alternative ideas are presented and discussed in order to create the best possible outcome.

Training Courses

vComp provides Surpac macro training courses that can be presented in a classroom environment or provided on site. The training aims to impart knowledge of macro development in Surpac to the wider community. Currently two courses are offered but training can be customised to suite specific requirements.

Getting Started with Surpac Macros (Foundation Tcl / Scl)

Practical Techniques for Surpac Macros (Advanced Tcl / Scl)